Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BOBMC Ride in Bengaluru

It's just been 5 months shifted back to base - Bangalore and love being back home.

I've always looked for an opportunity to ride on my Bullet - wherever possible - far from the concrete jungle and meet old friends. It had been almost 5 years now - riding in Bangalore - excited to see the change.

Servicing done a week's prior for the ride, it's a small ride but not to take any chances. The BOBMC ride was from Hebbal to Nandi Hills. All Clubs had been notified of the ride - Bullets, KTM, Harleys etc - huge numbers were expected ,,,,

Ride Day ( May 01st, 2016) Bengaluru
The meeting point was near Hebbal at 6AM . It was a short ride but the excitement started to build a day before. Woke up early and left an hour to the venue. Had to take a deviation in MG Road -as a Start up marathon had been organized. Reached Hebbal on time , great to to meet old Riders from Rtmc. I was stunned for a moment to see the gathering,,,my gosh - lot of bikes for BOBMC.
Bullets were everywhere.

We soon headed from Hebbal to Nandi Hills.
It was my first ride on the new elevated highway towards the Bengaluru Airport - indeed it was an excellent stretch. I soon noticed a couple hundred Bikes lined up for the ride - it included all brands of bikes and it was a sight to see,,,
Met a couple of my old friends from RTMC and RKMC ,,,,
we soon rode off to our planned destination.

It had been ages riding with RTMC and loved every bit before taking the diversion to Nandi Hills.
The roads were very well done,,,soon, riders were on a good speed heading towards Nandi Hills.
The stopover was at Discovery Village on the foothills - a perfect place to host a mega event. As the crowd was big - there was no introduction session - soon gathered for a memorable pic. Breakfast was good.

I soon bid farewell to all riders as i headed back to Bengaluru. I took a round trip via Discovery village to Nandi Hills and back. This was more a Solo ride back home